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who we are

Ada Animation is Africa's largest Animation Development and Education Studio.

Our niche is in creating African animated series and feature films for teens & Kids. To achieve this, we our greatest desire is to build a budding animation ecosystem in Africa through active mentorship & training that will empower the creatives with the necessary animation skills & tools.

The outcome is that this ecosystem, including Ada Animation as a studio, will be able to churn out animated content & films that will in turn attract local & international commercial projects to sustain job creation.


Ada Animation Bootcamp

Creating a budding ecosystem

Our Mission

To build a thriving industry in Africa that will in turn create employment for the youth and catalyze wealth creation opportunities.

Who we are

Our Commercial Skillset

We are experts in 2D & 3D Animation, Web Videos, Motion Graphics, TV Commercials, Visual Effects & Compositing, Logo & Title Animations, Post Production, Web Video Infographics, Copywriting & Script Writing, Event Graphics and Broadcast Design.

Commercial projects

Our aim is to ensure our clients attract more business deals, and manage to close the transaction through their uniquely curated marketing campaigns. We openly interact with advertising agencies, media houses and both private and public sector in acquiring our growing clientele portfolio.


Ada Animation Bootcamp

Ada Animation curated Africa’s 1st animation capacity building programme that looks to develop top-tier animators in Kenya and across Africa by providing ambitious animators with the necessary skills, tools, mentorship and platforms to create and share African stories with Africa and the world.


NFT Asset Production

We conceptualize, curate and digitize NFTs for creatives within the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. Our partnership with Emurgo is a great opportunity to collaborate and rise in domination of the space in Africa, trading and minting African inspired assets.


Film Production

Our passion lies in telling African stories while creating job opportunities for creatives within the African scope. We do not tell enough of our stories!


Recent projects