About Us

Who we are

Ada Animation was founded in September 2020, as a Pan-African Animation Tech studio currently with an imprint in four countries: Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa and UK.

Our vision is to build a thriving animation industry in Africa that will, in turn, create employment for the youth and catalyze wealth creation opportunities.

Our mission is to develop top-tier animators in Kenya and across Africa by providing ambitious animators with the necessary skills, tools, mentorship, and platforms to create and share African stories with Africa and the world.

We are an animation studio that develops stories inspired by the African narrative. As a leading player in the African market, we delight in bringing up the next generation of animators that will not only tell African stories through animation, but also get recognized for quality animation work and own their art's IP.

Why Us

Africa’s Leading Animation Bootcamp

Ada Animation’s Bootcamp is the first in Kenya and one of the few in Africa that has successfully executed an all animation capacity-building program. A three-month hybrid program provides ambitious African animators with the necessary skills, tools, mentorship and a platform to create their own stories and earn from them. So far, we have trained 100 animators, envisioning training 1000 by 2025.

Championing Animation Film Production

We are passionate and driven towards developing stories inspired by the African narrative. We are currently producing (1) movie, (2) TV series that are African oriented, in a bid to not only edutain but also own our Art’s IP as we incorporate NFT and tokenization into our projects.

Efficient Animation Production Studio

Our aim is to ensure our clients achieve their ROI by attracting more business deals, and manage to close the transaction through their uniquely curated marketing campaigns. We openly interact with advertising agencies, media houses and both private and public sector in acquiring our growing clientele portfolio.